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Security on the Wire

eWeek: "HOPZERO and 'Mission Impossible' - Where Data Self-Destructs"

/ by Bill Alderson posted in network security, hop value, internet security firewall, server security


It’s not often you find out your company has something in common with the classic show, Mission: Impossible.

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How to Keep Your Server Safe (and Your To-Do List Manageable)

/ by Bill Alderson posted in hop value, data limits, data breach, server security, server security measures



  • A “Crown Jewel” server is defined as one storing high-value data.
  • Nearly every large organization has one or more of these servers.
  • The word “catastrophic” is grossly insufficient to describe a possible compromise. 
  • Building the "biggest castle" around your server may not be the answer.

Executives worry about their “Crown Jewel Server,” and for good reason. They are often packed with industry secrets, financial data, private client information, and other highly private information…and usually they are unnecessarily unsecure

And they require a healthy amount of time, energy (and money) to safeguard—depriving you  of the chance to direct your resources elsewhere.

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Does Your Golden Goose Server Stick Its Neck Out?

/ by Bill Alderson posted in hop value, server security, golden goose server



  • Many Back-end “Golden Goose Servers” do Connect to the Internet
  • Firewalls are not the end-all protection they are made out to be
  • It’s dangerous (and expensive) to let your “Golden Goose Server” connect to the entire world

A “Golden Goose Server” is a device containing highly sensitive information – financial, health, security – also known as your most guarded secrets.

Protected by firewalls? Maybe…it’s not….

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Legacy Server Security Measures: When Firewalls Fail

/ by Bill Alderson posted in server security measures, server security, firewall, firewall security, internet security firewall



• Legacy servers, those too cumbersome or expensive to replace, don’t have to be vulnerable to cyber-attack when firewalls fail to protect.

• Not all firewalls are created equal. In fact, as recent Cisco announcements proved, many firewalls are no longer supported with ongoing and evolving service.

• A change to a server’s HOPsphere radius is the best way to limit exposure and prevent the outside from getting in – or from the inside getting out.

They call them “legacy servers,” partially out of respect. The truth is, hackers have no respect for them, and these legacy servers are often highly vulnerable. Security professionals wonder: what are the best server security measures that can be applied to a legacy server?

Is it possible to defend these vulnerable legacy servers long before the hackers come hunting? And how can I secure a server with limited budget and time?

In this column, we dig into the issue of server security measures and we’ll outline how exactly you can protect your own legacy server.

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