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Security on the Wire

Keeping Data on a Short Leash to Avoid Breaches

/ by Bill Alderson posted in data breach, data limits


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How to Avoid the 'Mousetrap Syndrome' of Network Security

/ by Jim Rounsville posted in network security, data limits, hop value, data breach


How do we protect our data?

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"It’s Not You; It’s Me": Network Protection From the Inside-Out

/ by Ben Haley posted in data limits, data breach, hop value


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What the Antiquated Bank ATM Can Teach Us About Database Security

/ by Bill Alderson posted in golden goose server, data limits, firewall security, network security

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Though the automated teller machine (ATM) may soon go the way of the eight-track and the VHS player — with automation features such as direct deposit and debit cards now available, few people use ATMs — there was a time when the ATM was the primary way most people checked their account balance and obtained cash. (Not to mention college students looking to fund their next box of macaroni and cheese.)

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How to Keep Your Server Safe (and Your To-Do List Manageable)

/ by Bill Alderson posted in hop value, data limits, data breach, server security, server security measures



  • A “Crown Jewel” server is defined as one storing high-value data.
  • Nearly every large organization has one or more of these servers.
  • The word “catastrophic” is grossly insufficient to describe a possible compromise. 
  • Building the "biggest castle" around your server may not be the answer.

Executives worry about their “Crown Jewel Server,” and for good reason. They are often packed with industry secrets, financial data, private client information, and other highly private information…and usually they are unnecessarily unsecure

And they require a healthy amount of time, energy (and money) to safeguard—depriving you  of the chance to direct your resources elsewhere.

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