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Security on the Wire

HOPZERO Partners With Incubator CTX for Good Cause (and Industry Insights)

/ by Michael Clarke posted in cyber defense, cyber protection, network security


(From left to right)  Kristin Spindler, Director IncubatorCTX; Ben Haley, SVP Engineering HOPZERO; Ann Schwartz, Water to Thrive Sponsor at CTX and Elise Brazier, MBA Director.

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Remembering 9/11: "Being Ready for the Call"

/ by Bill Alderson posted in cyber protection, network security


As we move closer to another anniversary of 9/11, I'm reminded of the opportunity my team and I had, just days after the attack, to serve my country by assisting with communication recovery for a besieged Pentagon.

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What the IPSec Hack Can Teach Us About One-Layer Cyber Protection

/ by Ben Haley posted in cyber protection, cyber defense


Think one-layer cyber protection is enough to handle whatever threat comes your organization's way? Think again.

Even the most comprehensive cyber defense system can still be vulnerable when dependent on a single layer of security.

Don't believe me?

This month researchers at Opole University, and the Institute for IT Security, demonstrated a weakness in certain implementations of IPSec.

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